Leaf Collection

The City of Roanoke's 2023 Leaf Collection Dates are:

  • Nov. 13-16, 2023
  • Nov. 27-30, 2023
  • Dec. 4-7, 2023
  • Dec. 11-14, 2023

Reminder that there is no bagged leaf collection the week of November 20th, Thanksgiving week.

New for this year, residents may call ahead to schedule service at 540-853-2000, Option 1 or use the city's IRoanoke Service Request App at www.roanokeva.gov/1180/Request-City-Services

Bagged leaves will be serviced on your scheduled collection day, as always, regardless of schedule request courtesy.

The City will only accept biodegradable paper leaf bags during leaf collection weeks. These bags are available at local hardware stores, home centers, and other retailers. There is no limit to the number of paper leaf bags residents may place at the curb for pickup. The City will not collect leaves placed in plastic bags. 


Loose-leaf collection is NOT provided by the City. Loose-leaf collection can be taken care of by a private contractor. Residents are encouraged to notify the City of their plans for staging leaves at or near the road for contractor pickup by calling 853-2000, Option 1.

Alternatives to Bagged Leaf Collection

  • Use the inexpensive, easy and environmentally friendly method of dealing with fallen leaves: weekly Mulch-Mowing. Mowed leaves will seemingly disappear as they filter into the turf-grass canopy. This easy process eliminates many hours of raking, bagging, and hauling leaves to the curb.
  • Construct a compost bin on your property and use those composted leaves in your garden or flower bed next year adding organic matter and reducing the need for fertilizer applications.
  • Call a local lawn or landscape contractor and have them remove your leaves.
  • Utilize Roanoke Valley Resource Authority (RVRA) located at 1020 Hollins Rd. RVRA's Residential Disposal Policy allows 12 free visits per year. Residents may dispose of bagged leaves or loose leaves at this facility using a 3/4-ton pickup truck or small trailer (less than 8-foot and loads must be covered).


It is a violation of City Code section 14.1 to rake loose leaves into the City's right-of-way. There will be strict enforcement of the Code by City inspectors. If leaves remain in the right-of-way after a 72-hour removal notice, the city may have the leaves removed and bill the adjoining parcel owner a $100 administrative fee, plus the fee charged to the City by a private contractor.