Emergency Fire Assistance

When your call is received, personnel from the closest available fire station will be dispatched immediately to the scene of the emergency.

Most Frequent Types of Calls

  • Structure fires: Always leave a burning building before calling for help.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: Always tell the dispatcher if anyone is trapped or if there are hazards such as leaking fluids, lines down or overturned vehicles.  Dispatchers will ask for colors of the vehicles involved so if we receive more than one call we can determine if they are reporting the same accident or not.  Keep a safe distance from the vehicles if immediate assistance is not needed and stay clear of other traffic.
  • Brush or trash fires: Always tell the dispatcher how close the brush or trash is to another object (structure, car, etc.).
  • Vehicle fires: Always tell the dispatcher if the vehicle is located next to a building and if anyone is still in the vehicle. Many people are burned trying to extinguish vehicle fires themselves.
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