Roanoke's Department of Planning, Building, and Development, along with Nottingham Associates, worked with Gainsboro neighborhood representatives, residents, property owners, and business owners to prepare the Gainsboro Neighborhood Plan.

Through numerous work sessions, the community's issues, opportunities, and areas of greatest need were discussed. This involvement formed the basis for the plan's recommendations and assured that community interests, as well as the overall concerns of the City of Roanoke were addressed. The plan was approved by Roanoke City Council and will become an integral part of Roanoke's Vision 2001-2020 Comprehensive Plan.

After City Council designated the Gainsboro neighborhood as a recipient of targeted CDBG funding with a focus for its revitalization, the Gainsboro Steering Committee was elected.

Initiatives Summary

  • Housing Development - Comprehensive, community-endorsed housing strategy promoting rehabilitation, maintenance, infill development, and increased home ownership.
  • Conservation - Zoning changes needed to establish future land use patterns and architectural design standards that will protect the character of the neighborhood. Obtain historic designations for promotion of rehab and infill development.
  • Capacity Building - Collaboration among the various neighborhood-based organizations to ensure open communication and awareness of development projects.
  • Infrastructure - Traffic management and street design (traffic calming, sidewalks, curbing, open space, etc.)

Implementation Map

The map of the Gainsboro Neighborhood Implementation Plan is available for your convenience.