Insect/Vector-Borne Diseases

Insect/Vector-Borne Diseases

The bites of mosquitos, ticks, flies and fleas are capable of spreading potentially significant illness to humans. Increased international trade, travel and climate change are all factors that are converging to allow these diseases to migrate from tropical regions to the U.S. where common outdoor activities can lead to exposure. Raising our own awareness and the regular use of preventive action measures are simple steps we all can take to help reduce the risks associated with these diseases. The secret is to remove all sources of standing water, where mosquitos can live and breed. At the City of Roanoke’s Public Works facility, we practice the 5 T’s of Mosquito Control, and you can do these at home too. The 5 T’s are:

TIP:                 Angle / Tilt items so they won’t catch rainwater.

TOSS:            Dispose of debris, leaves and tires that can hold or hide small pools of water.

TURN:            Turn over items that may hold water.

TARPS:          Must be stretched tight so they don’t hold water.

TREAT:  Use chemical treatment methods where the above methods don’t work or aren’t possible.

In Virginia, mosquitoes and ticks are the primary concern, and may transmit any of the following diseases:

Mosquitoes: Malaria, West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Chickungunya, Zika Virus, Bourbon Virus, Encephalitis, and Yellow Fever

Ticks: Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Q-Fever, and Tularaemia

*Please note that the City of Roanoke does not provide any insect pest abatement or prevention services. If you’ve tried the 5 T’s and are still having trouble, you may want to seek professional assistance.

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