Babies & Cars

On a hot and humid day it can take as little as 15 minutes for a baby to become dehydrated while sitting in a parked car with no ventilation. Children less than a year old are especially at risk and can quickly suffer serious injuries such as seizures, permanent brain damage or death. Always remember: Young children should never be left alone in a vehicle - no matter what the weather!

Top 10 reasons to never leave a child alone in a car:
  1. Temperatures inside your vehicle can rise by as much as 30°F in the first 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Your baby could suffer heat stroke, exhaustion, rash, dehydration, even brain damage or death.
  3. A thief could steal your car, not realizing or not caring that your child is still in it. This could happen in under 60 seconds.
  4. You are putting your child at risk of being kidnapped.
  5. Children are naturally curious and could climb into the driver's seat to "play."
  6. It is against the law. In the criminal code, "abandoning child" refers to children under the age of 10.
  7. Car accidents sometimes involve parked cars. In the event your unattended car is involved in an accident, common sense says baby is always better off with you.
  8. Leaving windows down for baby does not help much to keep the car cool. It does expose your baby to small animals and insects, putting her/him at risk for bites and stings.
  9. If your baby is left unattended in a soiled diaper, a painful blistery diaper rash could result.
  10. Your baby would feel abandoned and frightened if he/she woke up alone.
If you are driving a bus or van, don't forget to check all seats for sleeping children before you leave your vehicle.
Also, always check behind your vehicle before you back out of your driveway to make sure that you don't accidentally back over a child. And watch for children as they walk or ride their bikes.

If you see a child locked in a vehicle, call 911 immediately!