Engine & Equipment Idling Policy

In 2004, the City of Roanoke entered into an Ozone Early Action Compact to reduce the level of atmospheric ozone in the Roanoke Valley, culminating in the Engine and Equipment Idling Policy regarding vehicles and equipment in the city's fleet:

City of Roanoke Engine and Equipment Idling Policy

Idling of fleet vehicles and equipment contributes to poor air quality, consumes fuel unnecessarily, and is harmful to engines.  It is the responsibility of all city personnel to operate fleet equipment in an environmentally and economically sound manner.

City fleet vehicles and equipment shall not be parked with their engine operating unless it is essential for performance of work.  When engines must be left operating, for any reason other than public safety concerns, the operator must remain with the vehicle/equipment.  Violators are subject to disciplinary action under the city's Personnel Operating Procedures (POPs).