Testing Process

An important step in the application for employment process is the Candidate Physical Abilities Test. The test, designed to closely simulate activities you will encounter as a Firefighter/EMT, consists of 8 stations. Applicants must complete all 8 in a designated time period.

The stations are as follows:
  1. Stair Climb: Climb stairs in full protective clothing while carrying fire fighter equipment.
  2. Hose Drag: Drag a hose line from the fire apparatus to the fire occupancy and pull around an obstacle
  3. Equipment Carry: Remove power tools from a fire apparatus, carry them to an emergency scene and return them to apparatus.
  4. Ladder Raise and Extension: Place a ground ladder at a fire structure and extend the ladder to the roof or window.
  5. Forcible Entry: Use force to open a locked door or to breach a wall.
  6. Search: Search for a fire victim with limited visibility in an unpredictable area.
  7. Rescue: Remove victim or injured partner from an emergency scene.
  8. Ceiling Breach and Pull: Simulate a breaching and pulling down of a ceiling to check for fire extension.
There will be practice dates for the Candidate Physical Abilities Test. Eligible candidates will be notified of those dates.