Mapping Team

Core Responsibilities
The Mapping Team's core responsibilities include:
  • GIS Parcel Base Maps
  • Archived Survey and Plan Records
  • GPS Inventory Locations
  • Maps Production and Support
GIS Parcel Base Mapping
The City of Roanoke’s GIS (Geographic Information System) maps require updates as changes occur in parcel boundaries, new developments, easements, and installment of new storm drain infrastructure. As these features change, the Mapping Team of the Engineering Division applies the changes to the base mapping to assure that the most current map data is available for use by the citizens of Roanoke and its surrounding communities.

Archived Surveys & Plan Records
Recorded surveys, subdivision plats, and engineering plans are all cataloged and archived in a series of image and tabular data base systems. The City of Roanoke’s GIS is then utilized to link these databases to their related parcels which can be viewed by the public on the city’s GIS website.

GPS Inventory Location
When new infrastructure is installed, GPS (Global Positioning System) technology is used to gather point and line locations of the new infrastructure features. This new data is added to the existing inventory data base which is then utilized in GIS.

Map Production & Support
Engineering’s Mapping Team provides quality maps and support to other city departments, as well as Roanoke’s citizens and private firms. These maps serve as powerful tools which help to inform the user as well as facilitate the decision making process.