Social Services


The Mission of the Department of Social Services is to help the citizens of our Community achieve a realistic and attainable level of self-sufficiency within a safe, healthy environment. We will accomplish this by using our strengths and resources in a caring, professional manner, while providing a network of protection, support, and temporary financial assistance.


The Department of Social Services provides a wide array of mandated and non-mandated services to the citizens of Roanoke. These services include a network of protective, supportive, and temporary financial services that assist citizens with achieving a realistic and attainable level of self-sufficiency. These services include Benefit (Eligibility) Programs, Service Programs, Employment Services, and Training Services.

Additional Contact Information

  • Steven Martin, Director of Human/Social Services:  540-853-2894
  • Jennifer Barnes, Benefit Program Manager:  540-853-2704
  • Susan Reese, Social Work Manager:  540-853-2427
  • Meredith Burger, Human Services Business Administrator:  540-853-2181