Community Resources

Annual Plan and How to Apply Workshop

Watch a recording of the Annual Plan and How to Apply Workshop by clicking here; Passcode: g^E+0R9K

Access the slides here.

Please reach out to Hope Browning, Community Resources Administrator, with questions or concerns regarding the annual plan or entitlement funding application process: [email protected]

2022 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report "CAPER"

2022 CAPER

City of Roanoke HUD Community Resources PY 2023 Annual Action Plan

2023 Annual Action Plan link

City of Roanoke HUD Entitlement Grants Recommended 2023 Annual Plan Executive Summary

2023 HUD Annual Plan Executive Summary link

HOME-ARP Allocation Plan

Home-ARP Allocation Plan for Public Comment Period January 30, 2023 - February 28, 2023 link

The Department of Planning Building and Development’s Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Resources Division manages the federal funds the City receives from the United States Department of HUD.


  • Administration of City Housing Programs
  • Budget / Plan Development
  • Contract Development/Administration
  • Project Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Technical Assistance

Entitlement Community

Roanoke is an entitlement community under HUD program guidelines. This means that HUD funds are allocated to the City every year using a formula based on our population, income levels, and other factors. The amount the City receives depends upon how much Congress appropriates for the entire nation.