Trespass Bar Program

  • To sign up on the Trespass Bar Program it must be a multi-family unit, commercial property, or a business.  You cannot sign up on property that is residential, no parcels of land, and no abandoned or condemned property.  The Trespass Bar Program gives officers the authority to enforce the trespass laws in your absence.

  • For the Trespass Bar Authorization Letter, please print the PDF, fill it out, scan it, and then email it to [email protected] or fax it to 540-853-6616.

  • You can print a copy of the Trespass Enforcement Authorization Letter (PDF). Remember that you must provide a copy to the police department. Please fill it out and fax it to 540-853-6616 or scan it and send it to the Community Response Bureau Administrative Assistant, Tina Platz, by emailing her.

  • For more information, please call 540-853-2711.