Crime Mapping

Please Read Before Proceeding
To further community awareness and improve accessibility to police services occurring in the community, the City of Roanoke Police Department has merged geographic information systems technology with police records management data to facilitate user-friendly public accessibility.

Reviewing the Data
The Roanoke Police Department cautions against using records management data to make decisions or to make comparisons regarding the safety of a given area. When reviewing the data the following factors should be considered:
  • The data represents only a portion of the records management system (RMS) incident types.
  • For both technical reasons and the need to protect certain types of police information, the number of incidents identified within the geographic system may not reflect the total number of incidents for the area. Incident addresses in the data have been generalized to the hundred block level to avoid the conveyance of actual incident location and addresses.
  • This data can be reviewed and discussed as part of coordinated (crime) prevention initiatives to support and improve community awareness and safety. Members of the community are encouraged to continue partnering and problem solving with the Roanoke Police Department to support police-community goals and objectives.
  • The data can be used to measure changes in the level and types of incidents when comparing different time periods to the same geographic area. The Roanoke Police Department discourages data users from performing comparative analysis between different areas of the city based solely on the information provided by the records management data. This geographic information system does not provide a comparative analysis tool. Areas vary in size, population and density, making such comparisons difficult. Also, unknown addresses of incidents may have a default address of the Roanoke Police Department.
  • The data will sometimes indicate where an incident was reported or used as a reference point versus where the incident occurred.
  • The data includes incidents within several categories.
  • The data provided is subject to change for a variety of reasons, including the reporting time frame, reclassification of incidents based on offense types, and other factors.
Liability Disclaimer
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