Juvenile Services Division

Juvenile Services, a division of the City of Roanoke's Department of Human Services, provides community based therapeutic services to juveniles and their families who are before the juvenile court on a petition, or before Juvenile Intake on a complaint. 

Youth Haven

The Youth Haven program purchases services for VJCCCA eligible youth from community providers.  VJCCCA is the Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act and eligible youth are those before the court on a petition, or before Juvenile Intake on a complaint of Delinquency, Child in Need of Services (CHINS), or Child in Need of Supervision (CHINSup).  Male and female clients ages 12-17 can receive individualized non-residential services based on a referral from the Juvenile Court or Court Service Unit .  Brief interventions include, but are not limited to:  Individual and Family Counseling,  Anger Management, and Life Skills Coaching. 

Outreach Detention/Electronic Monitoring

The Outreach Detention/Electronic Monitoring Program is for juveniles who have charges that could lead them to be confined in the Juvenile Detention Center.  At the discretion of the Juvenile Judges, some juvenile offenders are permitted to continue to live at their homes with the intensive supervision of the program, until they return to court.  This program’s goal is to assure the youth’s availability for court, alleviate the overcrowding in the detention centers, and allow the parents or guardians to have physical custody of their child while ensuring the public safety of the community.  Clients must make daily contact with an assigned Outreach counselor.  Some clients are also ordered to wear electronic surveillance anklets to ensure their compliance.

Intensive Supervision


This service is designed to keep juveniles from engaging in further inappropriate or delinquent behavior as well as placement in a secure correctional facility by providing additional surveillance and/or supervision to juveniles while they remain in the community on probation or parole.  Services include: intensive supervision, monitoring, surveillance, referrals and drug screens.

Emergency Shelter Care

Limited services are available for juveniles who need a temporary placement outside of their own home.  Youth are temporarily placed in a group home until it is safe for their return home.  These placements are generally less than 60 days.