See Yourself in Blue...

Becoming an Officer
Would you like to become a police officer? Law enforcement is not for everyone, but for a select few it can fulfill a life long goal. A goal that includes helping others, building better communities and answering the call to serve.

See Yourself in 'Blue'... is the Roanoke Police Academy's call to service for those young men and women who would accept the challenges and rewards of law enforcement. The Roanoke Police Department would like to offer you the opportunity to See Yourself in 'Blue'... This page is designed to assist you in taking those first critical steps toward a rewarding career with the Roanoke Police Department.
A picture of the Roanoke Police Academy Recruiting Vehicle in front of green trees.
Learn More
Get a first hand look at policing while riding with a police officer from the Roanoke Police Department by participating in the Ride Along Program (PDF), but first take a virtual tour of the Roanoke Police Academy by clicking on the Police Academy - Virtual tour page. Then when you're ready click on the Getting Started page or view the FAQ below.