Advocacy Petition

The bylaws of the RNA allow Roanoke community members to submit advocacy petitions to the RNA for consideration.

Advocacy petitions are methods by which citizens or neighborhood groups can request the RNA to advocate on a particular issue on their behalf. Groups that want the RNA to help with a special issue in their neighborhood should request the RNA to advocate their issue in person during a regularly scheduled meeting, or through an RNA representative, or by completing an Advocacy Petition form, which must be signed by the officers of the organization and may be signed by other interested parties.

Advocacy petitions must discuss the issue in sufficient detail to inform the RNA of the nature of such request, including information from the opposing side of the issue. The petition must be accompanied by a copy of the minutes taken at the neighborhood organization’s meeting where the issue was discussed and RNA advocacy sought. The petitioner also should have a representative designated to attend the RNA meeting to answer questions regarding the petition, but not to give a presentation.

The RNA shall vote and announce its decision to support or not consider the petition, or to ask for more information before making a decision, within seven (7) days following the meeting at which the petition is presented. 

If it does not approve an advocacy petition, the RNA shall briefly state its reasons in writing. It may make recommendations to the petitioner with respect to the appropriateness of the advocacy involved. In case of disapproval accompanied by recommendations, the petitioner may again be heard before the RNA if, within ninety (90) days, the petitioner files an amended petition addressing the RNA’s recommendations.

The Advocacy Petition form should be submitted at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the next regular meeting of the RNA.

Fill out the advocacy petition online or download a copy of the form and turn it in to a member of the RNA or to the City of Roanoke Neighborhood Services Coordinator by sending it to [email protected] or the Office of Neighborhood Services, Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building, 215 Church Ave. SW Suite 357, Roanoke, VA 24011.

All decisions to advocate an issue on behalf of a petitioner shall become the official policy of the RNA and may not be changed except by a three-fourths affirmative vote of the entire RNA membership.