Marriage License by Mail

The office of the Clerk of Circuit Court will begin issuing marriage licenses by mail. It is still possible to make an appointment to come to our office for your license but applying by mail will significantly decrease your wait time.

To apply you must submit your notarized Affidavit and Application with $30.00 in a cashier's check payable to the Clerk of Circuit Court. Please note that both parties must sign the application and it must be properly notarized.

The following information concerning marriage licenses would be conveyed to you verbally if you appear in person and is provided here to inform you of certain requirements and conditions.

 1) The minimum age for marriage in Virginia is 18 years unless the minor is emancipated by a court order which must be     presented at the time of application
 2) The license can only be used in the Commonwealth of Virginia and must be used or returned to us within 60 days.
 3) The following marriages are illegal in Virginia

  • A marriage entered into prior to the dissolution of an earlier marriage of one of the properties
  • Between an ancestor and a descendant
  • Between siblings
  • Between an Uncle and a Niece or Nephew, whether by half or whole blood or adoption
  • Between an Aunt and a Niece or Nephew, whether by half or whole blood or adoption

The Officiant should return the completed license to us within 5 days after the ceremony. Once we have the license you will be able to order certified copies of your marriage license for $2.50 each. You can use these copies for DMV, Social Security, Immigration, shared benefits and any other purpose that requires proof of your marriage. A convenient request form is available.