Weed & Trash Violations

The City of Roanoke's weed and trash ordinance (Chapter 33, Article II, of the City Code,  Weed & Trash Ordinance) establishes a minimum standard for maintenance of parcels by prohibiting the growth of weeds or accumulation of trash:
  • Weed or weeds means any plant, grass or other vegetation over ten (10) inches in height growing upon a parcel in the City of Roanoke, including, but not limited to, any sage brush, poison oak, poison ivy, Ailanthus Altissima (commonly called Tree of Heaven or Paradise Tree), ragweed, dandelions, milkweed, Canada thistle, and any other undesirable growth, excluding trees, ornamental shrubbery, vegetable and flower gardens purposefully planted and maintained by the property owner or occupant free of weed hazard or nuisance, cultivated crops, or undisturbed woodland not otherwise in violation.
  • Trash means abandoned personal property, garbage, refuse or debris openly lying on any parcel, which might endanger the health of other residents of the city.

Weed and Trash Violation Sign
Exempt Areas
All parcels located in the city must be maintained, except that in the case of a parcel greater than one acre in area natural vegetation growing more than 50 feet from every property line shall not constitute a public nuisance.

One Notice During Weed Season
During the weed season of April 1 to Nov. 1, if a parcel is cited, that citation is the only warning the owner will receive for that time period. Even if the violation is abated by the owner at the beginning of the season, if maintenance is not kept up the city may send a contractor later in the season to abate a recurring violation without notice. Therefore, it is best to for owners to regularly check their properties to make sure that they are consistently maintained in accordance with the ordinance.

Report a Violation
To report a violation, call Code Enforcement at 540-853-2344 or use the city's online Service Request Form.