Roanoke Police Academy

We, the members of the Roanoke Police Department, will work openly in partnership with our community to foster an atmosphere of trust. While upholding the safeguards of the Constitution with integrity and dedication, we will create an environment safe from fear and crime for all people. As protectors of our community, we will never waver in our commitment to this vision.

We value Constitutional rights, responsive public service, courage in the face of adversity, integrity, personal growth and dedication and commitment to our community. We strive to accomplish this vision while affirming the following mission statement:

Mission Statement
The Roanoke Police Department is dedicated to providing honest, efficient, and effective law enforcement services. The protection of life, property, and civil liberties for all people in a fair and equitable manner shall be the Department's daily objective.

The Training Academy is governed by and adheres to the Department’s Vision Statement, the Department’s Values Statement and the Department’s Mission Statement. Additionally, the Training Academy staff realizes it is our responsibility to further the professional development of the people we train. Each staff member is dedicated to the furtherance of professional development and a personal commitment to excellence in all areas of the learning process.

The Academy staff strives to create a safe and a well balanced environment to instruct and train the employees of the Roanoke Police Department and the employees of client agencies so as to best serve our respective communities. We accept that this level of training is a tremendous responsibility which requires the highest levels of integrity and the relentless pursuit of knowledge and education. We recognize that our mission is for instructors to transform words into theory and understanding and for trainers to convert understanding into practical application.

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