What Can I Do?

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Ways You Can Help

Use De-Icers Thoughtfully

Use what you need to make your walkways and driveways safe, but avoid sensitive areas like waterways and private wells. Learn about the pros and cons of different types of de-icers and their impact on our waterways.

Keep Drainage Systems Clear

Melting snow is stormwater too! Clear downspouts and gutters so that melt water drains freely. Do not pile snow on stormdrains, keep them clear to allow them to drain properly. 

Remember to open your rain barrel spigot to prevent it from filling with ice and possibly cracking. 

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Consider Credits

Check out the ideabook to get ideas on how you can get a credit on your stormwater fee and improve water quality at the same time. 

Protect and Inspect Septic

Have your septic system inspected every three years and your tank pumped every three to five years. Learn more about septic maintenance.

Pick Up After Pets

Keep bacteria out of our streams by picking up after your pets at parks and at home.

Don't Dump Waste

Don't dump anything other than stormwater down stormdrains. They go directly to our streams.

Dispose of tires for FREE, learn how.

Pick Up After Pet, No Dumping
Leaves and Covering Drains

Mulch Mow

 Don't rake or blow leaves or grass clippings into the street. Instead put them back into your lawn, bag them or compost them. Mulching leaves back into your lawn increases soil health and saves you time, money and effort.

Don't Forget Sediment

 Sediment is a pollutant too. Working on a home project? Block stormdrains from any sediment runoff and cover exposed piles of bare soil.

Car Maintenance

Wash your car on the lawn so runoff is filtered before it gets to the stormdrains. Check for and fix small leaks- even small leaks have an impact!

Keep Trash Out

Keep lids secure on outside waste and recycling containers. Debris that is left or spills out on streets and sidewalks ends up in streams. Responsibly dispose of your waste.
Oils and Trash
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Enjoy our beautiful streams and rivers. Our rivers and streams are a great asset to our City and everyone in it. Get outside and experience the many meanders and riffles.


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Mulch Mowing Brochure
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Only Rain Down the Drain Postcard
Only Rain Down the Drain Postcard