Language Access

The City of Roanoke is committed to ensuring meaningful access to all programs, services, and activities regardless of the resident's English language proficiency.  The Language Access Program provides interpretation and translation services to any one who requests them at no cost to the individual.

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The responsibility for providing language services always falls on the City of Roanoke, and not on a resident needing assistance!  This service is provided AT NO COST, and we are committed to using trained and certified interpreters and translators rather than relying on friends, neighbors, or children who may accompany residents.  Employees have been trained to recognize communication difficulties, but we also provide resources to our residents to indicate that they need language assistance.  Many of our offices also display signs and posters that can help residents and staff understand that there is a need for assistance.

Next Steps for full implementation
  • Training for all City employees
  • Development of compliance procedures
  • Additional signage
  • Community Advisory Panel
  • Training for bilingual employees
  • Department Champions

If you need language assistance or would like to request materials, please send an email to [email protected]