NLS Braille eReader

NLS New Braille eReader is here


What is the NLS Braille eReader?

The Library of Congress’ National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS) has a new Braille eReader.

The NLS Braille eReader by Humanware has a 20-cell Braille display, eight-key Perkins-style keyboard, and can download electronic Braille through BARD that you can read on the unit, or we can mail you Braille books on digital cartridges as we do for audiobooks. 

What is the difference between the eReader and Braille book?   

A Braille book can have many volumes that makes up one book.  The Braille eReader can have 1000s of books on the unit, in the palm of your hand.

How do you get one?

If you are a Braille reader and interested in receiving a NLS Braille eReader, please contact the Talking Book Library for more information by calling: (540-853-5689) or send an email to [email protected]

Learn how to Use the NLS eReader

NLS eReader HumanWare How-To Series:

Read the eReader HumanWare User Guide (docx)

NLS eReader How To Series Videos as a youtube playlist

  1. Physical Description
  2. What’s in the main menu?
  3. Power Management
  4. How to Pair the eReader with an iOS Device
  5. How to Transfer Books from External Media
  6. How to Connect to a Wireless Network
  7. How to Download Books from BARD
  8. Interacting with the Device
  9. How to Read a Book
  10. File Management
  11. How to Transfer Books from a Cartridge
  12. Settings
  13. How to Get Help