Healthy Homes Roanoke

What is Healthy Homes Roanoke?

Healthy Homes Roanoke is a public-private program that assesses homes and remedies problems to make homes healthier, safer, and more comfortable for the families living there.   This could mean removing toxic substances.  It could mean fixing a roof or repairing plumbing.  It could mean installing ramps or handrails.  It could even be as simple as improving energy efficiency and lowering heating bills.  

We look at the building structure and how it serves the people living there.  We can’t fix everything.  But we don’t limit our creativity in how we help.  Healthy Homes Roanoke aims to be a single place you can come for help making a healthy and safe home for your family.  

Who is Eligible?

Healthy Homes Roanoke gives priority to household units that were built before 1978 and households with vulnerable residents including families with children, individuals with disabilities, and household members 62 years of age and older.  You may be eligible if you live in the City of Roanoke and meet the income guidelines listed below.


FY22 Income Limit Area

Median Family Income

FY 2022 Income Limit Category

Persons in Family





Roanoke, VA HUD Metro FMR Area


Low (80%) Income Limit






How do I apply?

Application information can be found on our partners’ individual websites or by reaching out to them by phone.  A list of our current partners are below.

  • Blue Ridge Independent Living Center 
  • Renovation Alliance
  • TAP