City of Roanoke Compensation Study

Frequently Asked Questions

(We are continually updating and adding FAQs as we receive them. Therefore, please make sure you scroll through to the bottom to see any FAQs that have been recently added.)


What is a PDQ?

The PDQ is a Position Description Questionnaire. It is a simple form that asks questions about your position’s essential functions and the types of decisions you make on a daily basis.


What if I don't have access to a computer at work to complete my PDQ?

If you need a hard copy of the PDQ, you may get one from your supervisor/department manager or download it from below. If you fill out the hard copy version, please talk to your supervisor/department manager regarding the submission process. Hard copies are also available in the Department of Human Resources. Employees are welcome to stop by Room 212 located in the Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building at 215 Church Avenue for a copy.

PDQ (Fillable Form - Position Description Questionnaire - Word Doc) 

PDQ (Position Description Questionnaire - PDF)

PDQ Instructions & Information 


Who will be reviewing my PDQ?

Once you complete your PDQ, the form will be sent to your first level supervisor/department manager - the person who directly supervises you. Your department director/department head will then review your PDQ. Human Resources conducts the final review before sending for Gallagher’s review.


Can my supervisor change the content that I provided?

No. Supervisors will not be able to change any of the content that the employee provides. They can, however, make comments in the PDQ about the content. If that happens then the supervisor should discuss those comments with you first before submitting the final version to Gallagher.


How will I know if my supervisor made any comments on my PDQ?

Your supervisor should discuss any comments they have about your PDQ with you before they submit the final version to Gallagher. Once your supervisor is finished reviewing your PDQ and submits the final version, you will be able to see the comments in your PDQ.


The PDQ asks for a list of my essential functions. What if I'm not sure what those are?

If you are unsure about the essential functions of your position, you should talk with your supervisor before filling out your PDQ. You could also look at your current job description, goals from your last evaluation, or take a few moments to write down what activities and decisions you made over the past week and determine what functions you spend the most time on. You may also look at www.onetonline.org to view similar positions to yours.


Can I use my current job description to fill out this form?

You can use the job description as a starting point if some of the content is accurate. The whole point of the study is to update the current classification system and ensure that every position is classified appropriately based on the work employees are currently doing. Using your current job description could potentially result in inaccurate job information being provided to Gallagher.


Can the PDQ be done as a group? If so, how is it submitted? Does one employee’s name go under the name section of the first page?

Yes, PDQs can be completed as a group if they all agree that they are doing the same work. One person can submit the group PDQ, including all participant names on the document. If you choose this option, please let your supervisor know so that we can properly account for each individual.


What if one member of a group performs different functions, would they complete a separate PDQ?

Gallagher recommends that each individual completing a group PDQ still copy and paste the group PDQ details into their individual online PDQ. This will allow for individuals to add/change any functions that may be different from the rest of the group, but still use as much of the group PDQ that is relevant to them.


Is there an option on the PDQ for supervisors who supervise supervisors?

No, there is no specific option on the current PDQ to specifically note that you supervise supervisors. If you feel this is important information that is not included in other areas of the PDQ, please include it in the “Additional Comments” section.


What about those people who train, but are not lead workers or supervisors?

Please include this in your essential responsibilities so that it will be accounted for when reviewing this classification.


What about employees who are currently performing the job of a higher position, but are currently classified in a lower position?

This is why your input is so important. Your PDQ should include the work you are currently doing, regardless of your current classification. This will be the foundation of your future classification. However, if you are completing the work of a higher position on a temporary or short-term basis, please note that in your PDQ in the Additional Comments section, and complete the PDQ using information from the position you are formally hired to be in.


When is compensation being reviewed?  

We are focusing on classification first and once that foundation has been completed the city will move forward to compensation.


What is the approval and implementation process?

Throughout the study, Gallagher will be working with the Project Team, along with management across the city, to ensure their proposals will meet city needs. Once initial review and approval is received at this level, the proposals will be presented to the Leadership Team for final review and approval. Note that classification will be done first; once approved, Gallagher will move to compensation.


I see how this can help for hiring, but how does it help existing employees?

The classifications for existing employees will more clearly reflect your actual job responsibilities once the new classification structure is rolled out. It will establish better internal equity among existing jobs within, as well as cross department and functional areas.


Is the city adjusting any current classifications or do we have to wait until the study is completed?  

Human Resources will only be considering very minor modifications to current classifications at this time unless an extraordinary business necessity arises.


Do I still have to complete a PDQ if my position was just reclassified one year ago and is up to date?

Yes, we still want your input.  The whole point of the study is to update the current classification system and ensure that every position is classified appropriately based on the work employees are currently doing.  If that classification accurately reflects your current work, please use that as a starting point.