PDQ (Position Description Questionnaire)

PDQs are utilized to collect job information including essential responsibilities, decision making examples, knowledge, skills, physical requirements, working conditions, etc. Fill out the PDQ to the best of your ability. Completion should take 45-90 minutes. Links to the the PDQ and resources below:

PDQ (Fillable Form - Position Description Questionnaire - Word Doc) 

PDQ (Position Description Questionnaire - PDF)

PDQ Instructions & Information 

When complete, save document as POSITION TITLE_LAST NAME_EE. (ex. HUMAN RESOURCES ASSISTANT_SMITH_EE) and submit to your supervisor and/or department manager by FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2022.

Email “PDQ” in the subject line to your supervisor/department manager AND [email protected]

PDQ Overview

To complete the PDQ: