Volunteer Positions

The City of Roanoke Human Resources Department offers opportunities to volunteer in a variety of city departments through the Municipal Volunteer Program. Available positions with the City of Roanoke are listed by department.
  1. Public Libraries
  2. Parks & Recreation
  3. Various Departments
  4. Animal Control
Library Assistant (Ongoing)
Library Assistants may help out at different library branches including Melrose, Gainsboro, Williamson Road, Jackson Park, Raleigh Court, and Main Library. Library assistants may help with reshelving books, assisting patrons in locating items, assisting with technology related questions, and leading or assisting with programming. Various skill levels needed for different tasks. Hours can be flexible, and availability will vary based on branch.

Virginia Room Assistant (Ongoing)

Volunteers in the Virginia Room can serve a flexible schedule; perfect for students, busy parents, or just about any schedule! Volunteers may help with research requests, scan photographs and documents for inclusion in our digital image collection, or participate in one of our many indexing projects that make it easy for patrons to find what they're looking for! If you're interested in genealogy, history, learning more about Roanoke, or just want to help out in a casual, friendly environment, the Virginia Room may be right for you.
Please email us for a complete list and to learn more about opportunities that are currently available. In addition to volunteering in city departments, volunteers are needed to serve as members on authorities, boards, commissions and committees appointed by the City Council.