Youth Athletics Review Board

Type: Board

Meeting Frequency: Second Thursday, at 5:30 p.m., Room 304, Municipal North Conference Room

Contact: Michael Clark, Director, Parks and Recreation (540) 853-2236, [email protected]

Members: Five Members, (*) Denotes Non-City Resident

Members Term of Office Eligible for Reappointment
Brandon McCall 12/31/25 Yes
Jaime Mather 12/31/26 Yes
Heather Hamed-Moore 12/31/23 Yes
Deidre Trigg 12/31/24 Yes
Darnell Wood* 12/31/24 Yes

Ordinance No. 42173-100721 established the Youth Athletics Review Board. 

The purpose and responsibility of the Youth Athletics Review Board shall be as follows:

The purpose and responsibility of the Board shall be to foster cooperative relationships with private sector organizations to enhance participation in the City’s youth team sports, to establish policies, bylaws and a code of ethics to promote participation in youth sports and to act as a liaison to city council on all matters concerning youth team sports.

For additional information, please contact the Board contact.