Hire an Off-Duty Officer

The Roanoke Police Department offers a variety of options for businesses and community organizations seeking to hire off-duty officers. Off-duty officers are available for hire for those who want to enhance public safety at various community events, provide extra security at businesses when terminating employees, etc.  

General Guidelines:

  • Filling out the form below does not guarantee coverage of your event. Officers voluntarily sign up for off-duty assignments. The police department is not obligated to furnish officers if they do not sign up to work events.
  • A police officer engaged in off-duty employment is subject to call out in case of emergency, and is expected to leave the off-duty or extra employment in such situations.
  • When a police officer is engaged in off-duty employment and a situation arises that requires police action, the officer is expected to take the same action they would if they were in an on-duty status.
  • The police department reserves the right to set a minimum number of officers working at any one event.

Call 540-853-1079 for further assistance if needed. Please complete application below and send it to us 48 hours in advance of scheduled event.

To hire an off-duty officer, click the submission form here.