Equity & Empowerment Advisory Board

The purpose and responsibility of the Equity and Empowerment Advisory Board shall be as follows:

1. Review the priorities for Interwoven Equity in Plan 2040 and any subsequent city comprehensive plan;

2.  Develop proposed plans for the implementation of policies and actions identified for each priority set forth in the Interwoven Equity in City Plan 2040; and

3.  Review all existing city policies, ordinances and regulations and recommend to City Council changes in such policies, ordinances or regulations to eliminate the city of any policies or procedures that promote inequality or limit empowerment. 

MembersTerm of OfficeEligible for Reappointment
Dr. William L. Lee12/31/23Yes
Kaitlyn Johnson*12/31/25Yes
Peter Wonson12/31/24Yes
Angela S. Penn12/31/23Yes
Patice Holland*12/31/23Yes
Phazhon Nash12/31/25Yes
Jonathan Lloyd12/31/24Yes

(*) Denotes non-City Resident

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Equity & Empowerment Advisory Board Agendas