Municipal Volunteer Program

Welcome to the City of Roanoke's Municipal Volunteer Program. The city encourages citizens to get involved and participate in the development and enhancement of the city and the community in which they live and work. Participation as a volunteer will not only enhance your knowledge about the city, but also enrich your life and greatly benefit our community.
If you have questions or would like to apply, please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (540) 853-1801.

Community Volunteer Opportunities

Adopt-a-Street Program

“Adopt-A-Street” participants tangibly demonstrate civic pride for their communities by contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment, and also contribute to our overall economic development. The activity of volunteers picking up litter and the signs also serve as impressive reminders to the public not to litter the roadways or ignore the environment.

The “Adopt-A-Street” Program allows participants to make a 2 year commitment to collect litter along selected streets 4 times a year. The City of Roanoke recognizes the participants’ commitment and concern for the environment with professional signage at each end of their designated area which identifies the group responsible for the clean-up of that particular roadway. The City provides 33-gallon orange trash bags and the use of High-Visibility Safety Vests.

Adopt-a-Park Program

Did you know that any local community organization, business or individual over the age of 18 is eligible to adopt a park, plaza, Greenway or trail? All you need to do is commit to organizing four park clean-ups per year for a minimum of two years. Roanoke Parks and Recreation can provide your team with trash bags and safety vests to borrow, and even help your team haul away trash bags if given notice in advance.

Trail Work

Roanoke Parks and Recreation’s Outdoor Recreation division regularly hosts volunteer trail work days throughout the city. Trail work days typically take place on the trails in Mill Mountain Park or at Carvins Cove Natural Reserve. Participants must be over the age of 18 or 14+ if accompanied by an adult. All you need are sturdy shoes, water, work gloves and energy!

Greenway Ambassadors

Greenway Ambassadors will be the eyes and ears for the City of Roanoke Police and Parks & Recreation departments.  Greenway volunteers signed up as Ambassadors will help monitor conditions on the City Greenways, as well as report activity.

Animal Control

The City of Roanoke would also like to encourage interested citizens to consider volunteering time to protect animals in need at the Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection. The center needs assistance in the following areas:

  • Daily maintenance of facilities-washing dishes and blankets/towels
  • Dog walkers and cat socialization
  • Networking with rescue groups and lost animal organizations
  • Photography and uploading pet photos to Petfinder
  • Transporting animals to rescues

View more information about volunteering at RCACP or email RCACP at [email protected].

Clean Valley Council

Clean Valley Council is a local non-profit that promotes environmental education in the Roanoke region. They also organize and help support clean-up activities for community members. To learn more, please visit:

Public Libraries

Library Assistant (Ongoing)

Library Assistants may help out at different library branches including Melrose, Gainsboro, Williamson Road, Jackson Park, Raleigh Court, and Main Library. Library assistants may help with reshelving books, assisting patrons in locating items, assisting with technology related questions, and leading or assisting with programming. Various skill levels needed for different tasks. Hours can be flexible, and availability will vary based on branch.

Virginia Room Assistant (Ongoing)

Volunteers in the Virginia Room can serve a flexible schedule; perfect for students, busy parents, or just about any schedule! Volunteers may help with research requests, scan photographs and documents for inclusion in our digital image collection, or participate in one of our many indexing projects that make it easy for patrons to find what they're looking for! If you're interested in genealogy, history, learning more about Roanoke, or just want to help out in a casual, friendly environment, the Virginia Room may be right for you.

Environmental Volunteering 

Tree Stewards Training

To help protect the local tree ecosystem, Roanoke Parks and Recreation’s Urban Forestry division offers volunteer Tree Stewards training each year. Tree Stewards help care for young trees on city-owned property. The 26-hour training begins with nine classes held on Monday nights. Once the in-class training is complete, volunteers join three field sessions held on Saturday mornings during the spring. The in-field training focuses on tree planting, pruning, and tree identification. Once qualified, Roanoke Tree Stewards complete a minimum of 30 hours of work during their first year and 20 hours in subsequent years. Volunteers may also give educational presentations to adults and children.

Roanoke Citizen Science Monitoring Program

Do you love being outside? Are you fascinated by nature? Are you concerned about the health of your local watershed? Remember how fun it was to play in the creek as a kid? Consider becoming a volunteer stream monitor! This program is organized by Clean Valley Council, in collaboration with the City of Roanoke's Stormwater Division. To learn more or apply, please visit Clean Valley Council's website.