Glade Creek Gus Nicks Blvd


Glade 3
Glade 4
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Project Construction Start: Fall 2022                            Completion Date: Spring 2023

Project Estimate: $1,973,400 ($986,700 from Stormwater Utility and $986,700 from VA DEQ Stormwater Local Assistance Fund) 

Contractor: Environmental Quality Resources and Stantec

Project Description:

The goal of the Glade Creek stream restoration at Gus Nick Blvd, is to reduce excess sediment loading in the creek caused by high rates of erosion. The high rates of erosion are caused by tall, vertical banks created through historical development including the old Gish Mill Dam. The project will reduce erosion and bank loss by armoring the banks with a mix of stone and woody structures, as well as create benching to increase floodplain capacity. The natural in stream structures and riparian buffer plantings will provide ecological uplift for aquatic organisms and other wildlife, as well as provide a natural setting for outdoor recreation along the Town of Vinton Greenway at Gearhart Park. Engaging in stream bank restorations throughout the City's tributary watersheds will help achieve the sediment waste load allocations under the TMDL requirements as required by the City's MS4 stormwater permit.

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Environmental Quality Resources is a keystone species of ecosystem restoration. As a firm solely focused on construction, we are a company that is willing to get our hands dirty to complete any environmental restoration project. Since 1991, EQR’s missions has been to deliver well-built, expedient, and cost-effective solutions in stream restoration, wetlands, living shorelines, storm water, green infrastructure, native plant landscaping, and more.

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