Create a Development Plan

It is recommended that the Permit Print App be used as a base for development plans to ensure an accurate depiction of the site. Before using the App below, please visit our Project Pages to determine what information is needed on your development plan. An incomplete development plan will create delays in permit processing.

How to use the Permit Print App:

1. Type in your address or TaxID number.
2. Zoom to desired distance, but ensure property boundaries are still displayed.
3. Outline proposed property changes by clicking the Draw button and using the tool. To include measurements, scroll to the bottom of the Draw Popup Box and click the "Show length measurement" button. Skip this step if you intend to draw changes by hand.
4. Click the Print button. The best print options will automatically be selected. Click the Print button within the Print Popup Box. It will take a few seconds for the print to be generated.
5. Generated prints will show up in numbered order in the Print Popup Box. They will be titled "Permit Map". Click on the print you wish to proceed with.
6. The print will be opened in a new tab. Print out the document or save it for electronic submission. Directions on how to submit plans to the Permit Center can be found here.

Click here to view the App in a new window.