Community Resource Officers

Community Resource Officers (C.R.Os) work as liaisons between the community and the Police Department in an effort to reduce crime and enhance the quality of life.  The CRO is responsible for issues and concerns in neighborhoods that are ongoing or simply demand more attention or time than can be reasonably allotted during the course of a routine police patrol call. The CRO helps coordinate various community events which promote crime prevention and awareness. A CRO’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Special projects on matters of community relations and partnership building
  • Serve as a referral source to citizens in need of services
  • Attend Neighborhood Watch meetings
  • Provide safety talks to local schools, churches, groups/organizations, and businesses
  • Distribute crime prevention tips to businesses and residents
  • Serve on the city’s Code Enforcement Team
  • Attend community events, such as:
    • National Night Out
    • DEA Drug Take Back Event
    • Lea Youth Outdoor Basketball League
    • RPD Reads
    • Homework Helpers
    • Senior Sidekicks

The CROs and their Zones

Zone 1 is highlighted red in the map below. The CRO assigned to Zone 1 is Officer B. Tinsley.  

Zone 2 is highlighted green in the map below. The CRO assigned to Zone 2 is Officer C. Fike.

Zone 3 is highlighted yellow in the map below. The CRO assigned to Zone 3 is Officer R. Hodges.

Zone 4 is highlighted blue in the map below. The CRO assigned to Zone 4 is Officer C. Bowling.

To reach any or all of the Community Resource Officers and their Supervisor, please email

Please include your address in your message so that the appropriate CRO can address your situation. 

Map of the City of Roanoke, Zones highlighted