City of Roanoke Employee COVID-19 Information

Virginia Department of Health/Roanoke City and Alleghany Health Districts COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Information:

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Travel Recommendations:

Be Sensible and Aware. When travelling, try to avoid "Hot Spot" areas with high concentrations of COVID-19 cases. If you are traveling within the United States or abroad, adhere to that specific locality’s/country’s guidelines. 

Prior to traveling, employees may check the Harvard Global Health Institute’s COVID-19 Risk Levels Dashboard at to view the risk level by states and counties. For the purpose of this guidance, the City of Roanoke’s COVID-19 Advisory Team (“CAT”) will adhere to the Institute’s framework as the risk levels of employee travel plans are determined. The calculation and determination risk levels will be as follows:   

  • Green (On Track for Containment) - < 1 daily new cases per 100,000 people (Monitor with viral testing and contact tracing programs) 
  • Yellow (Community Spread) – 1 to 9 daily new cases per 100,000 people (Rigorous test and trace programs advised) 
  • Orange (Accelerated Spread) – 10 to 24 daily new cases per 100,000 people (Stay-at-home orders and rigorous test and trace programs advised) 
  • Red (Tipping Point) - > 25 daily new cases per 100,000 population (Stay-at-home orders necessary)

Note: The dashboard displays COVID risk levels for each county in the United States, which are calculated based on daily cases per 100,000 people (with a 7 day rolling average).   

Travel Advisory Form Submittal:

  • Employees, who have traveled or who plan to travel, will be required to notify their supervisors and complete a “COVID-19 Travel Advisory Form” at least two (2) weeks before travel (when possible). 
  • Employees may obtain the form by clicking here.
  • A link to the form may also be found on the Lotus Notes homepage under “News and Announcements” – titled “COVID-19 Travel Advisory Form". (Click link here 
  • The Travel Advisory Form will include the employee contact information, travel destination, mode of transportation, social distancing practices during the visit, and any “at risk” exposure activities. 
  • Within 24 to 48 hours of submission, the form will be reviewed by an on-duty CAT member to determine if the employee’s travel plan is high risk. CAT members will utilize the same Harvard Global Health Institute’s COVID-19 Risk Levels Dashboard as recommended in the guidance above for employees.   
  • If a CAT member determines the employee’s travel to be at a high risk level (red), the employee will be contacted and informed to call the Employee Health Clinic at (540) 853-2045 to schedule an appointment for a post-travel COVID-19 assessment immediately upon his/her return home and prior to their return to work. 
  • Note: Employees who travel by air or via mass transit may be given special considerations due to the risks involved with air and mass transit traveling. 
  • Based on the Employee Health Clinic staff’s assessment, employees may be deemed high risk of exposure and required to self-isolate for a designated period of time before they are given authorization to return to work. 

Supervisory COVID-19 Employee Travel Return Assessment Questions:

Questions to ask to determine if an employee should remain at home or come to work, if returning from vacation/travel, or if they have a loved one who is returning from vacation travel.

1.     Do you know if the employee's traveled by air or car? Yes, by car. Individual may return to work. If by air, go to question 2.

2.     Did he/she travel through an international airport? Yes. Individual stays home for 72 hours.

Has the employee been exposed to Coronavirus?
            If the employee has been exposed or had close contact with someone who has the virus, then the employee is expected to stay home for 14 days.

4.  Is he/she demonstrating signs of the virus? Fever, cough, etc. Yes. Individual stays home for 72 hours.

5.  Is he/she coming in from an area that had cases of Coronavirus? Yes. Individuals stay home for 14 days.

For more information on guidance for individuals who have traveled see

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