Police Chief Recruitment 2019-2020

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This page will serve as the location of relevant information regarding the recruitment of our new Police Chief.  I am dedicated to working with the community in securing the best Chief possible to ensure we continue to progress on our efforts at ensuring Roanoke remains a safe and great place to live, work, study, play and visit.  

I am committed to this process being as inclusive as practical.  As new information regarding the recruitment process becomes available it will be posted here so it may be accessed and viewed.  The first step in this process is simultaneously securing the services of an Executive Search Firm to assist us in the search and shape the qualifications and experience expected in our next Chief.  To assist me in developing these qualifications, during September I will be engaging in a series of conversations with individuals and organizations regarding what they hope to see with the next Chief.  These conversations are just the first of several ways community members will be able to assist in the search.  

In late September there will be a request made of the entire community to share your thoughts and preferences regarding qualifications and experience.  I will also make use of two interview panels, one of which will be made up exclusively of community members invited by me to participate.  Further, as we near a final decision, hopefully in the spring, there will be an opportunity for the community to meet my preferred candidate before I make a final determination.  

Should you ever have questions about this process please do not hesitate to contact my office.

Bob Cowell
Roanoke City Manager
(540) 853-2333

Police Chief Recruitment Process Documents

For a link to the City of Roanoke Police Chief Job Posting, click here.