Slow Down in School Zones

New School Zone Speed Limits

In June 2019, the Roanoke City School Board passed a resolution and Roanoke City Council adopted an ordinance to decrease the speed limit from 25 MPH to 15 MPH in most neighborhood school zones in the City. The new speed limit will be in effect during arrival and dismissal of school. Roanoke Police will increase its enforcement of the new speed limit. Please reduce your speed and watch for children when passing through school zones.

To learn more about which schools and streets are affected by the new speed limit download the City Council Resolution: 2019 Adopted School Board Resolution

Know the School Zones

School zones are often marked by speed limit signs, which may be flashing or static, posted at the school entrance approach. Please follow the signs, and slow down in school. zones

School Ahead Signs 

Posted to alert you that a school is nearby. Slow down, watch for kids and pedestrians, and be ready to stop for kids crossing the street, or when crossing guards signal you to do so.

School Ahead Asmbly.fs

School Speed Zone Signs 

Posted to indicate the speed limit for the school zone is in effect. These signs may be flashing or have the times of the day posted for when the speed limit is enforced.

School Assembly.fs


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Safety Tips at School ZonesSchool Zone Speed Flasher Opens in new window

  • Respect the School Zone

    • Drive slowly in school zones. The safe speed is 15 miles per hour
  • Crosswalks

    • Yield for pedestrians in crosswalks and at unmarked intersections
    • Look for children who may be crossing mid-block
    • Follow instructions from crossing guards
  • Be Alert

    • Set distractions aside and keep an eye for children
  • Pedestrian Responsibility

    • Pedestrians should always follow safe crossing procedures when crossing the street. If a crossing guard is present, you should wait for direction before crossing the street.
  • Respect the Neighborhood

    • Park your vehicle in legal spaces and avoid double parking or blocking neighbors' driveways
    • Drive slowly and obey the speed limit along neighborhood streets. Even if you are not in the school zone, children may be walking to school on nearby streets 
  • Stop for School Buses

    • When a school bus stops, they pull on a lever that opens the door and starts signals on the front and back of the bus. A stop sign also extends out by the drivers.
    • Always stop for a school bus when the signals are flashing. It is the law. Children may be crossing the street.
    • DARE Officers - Tips for School Safety