FY 2020 Adopted Budget Document

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Table of Contents (pdf)

Introduction (pdf)

    GFOA Award

    City Council

    Organizational Chart

    Budget Committee

City Manager's Message (pdf)

   Letter of Transmittal

   Budget Overview

   Fee Adjustments

Citizen's Guide (pdf)

   Budget Process Overview

   Budget Preparation Calendar

      Operating Fund Structure

    Financial Guidelines and Policies

About Our City (pdf)

Comprehensive Plan (pdf)

Financial Summary (pdf)

Personnel Summary (pdf)

HUD Consolidation (pdf)

Priority Summaries

Each section includes Statement of Request for Results | Priority Performance Indicators | Offer Listings | Offer Executive Summaries and Performance Measures

Education (pdf)

Community Safety (pdf)

Human Services (pdf)

Infrastructure (pdf)

Good Government (pdf)

Livability (pdf)

Economy (pdf)

Non-Departmental (pdf)

Five Year Operating and Capital Improvement Plan 2019-2023 (pdf)

Contributions, Sponsorships and Memberships (pdf)

Appendix - Glossary of Terms and Acronyms(pdf)