Accident Reports or Report Verifications

Easily Obtain Reports

In an effort to better serve the community, the Roanoke Police Department is utilizing a system by which citizens involved in traffic crashes and insurance companies representing those citizens can obtain accident reports. The process is now being conducted exclusively on-line through the use of The system is maintained by the company Appriss and is an internet based application that was developed to help law enforcement agencies and insurance companies manage and access traffic accident reports in a more efficient manner.

Online Access

Through the use of online document management technology, those requesting an accident report are now able to rapidly find and view this report usually within 24 hours of it being scanned, excluding holidays and weekends. The additional benefits to citizens and insurance companies are the following:
  • Reports are available from work or home, 24 hours a day via the internet.
  • Reports are converted to PDF format making them easy to view, save, print, and email.
  • Finding a report takes only a few seconds.
  • Reports cannot be modified, maintaining report integrity.
  • The system provides clear, high resolution images of each report for optimal viewing and printing
You can link to the on-line access here.

A cheaper alternative is to come to the police department at 348 Campbell Avenue SW and request a copy of the crash report in person.  The cost is $10 cash or money order.  Checks and credit cards are no accepted.