Lick Run Highland Farms


Highland Farms erosion
Highland Farms erosion
Highland Farms erosion
Highland Farms erosion
Highland Farms erosion
Highland Farms erosion


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"The project was a great success. It will continue to help clean the waters of the City while offering a place for wildlife." 

- Curry McWilliams, Project Manager

Project Construction Start: Fall 2019                            Completion Date: Spring 2020

Project Estimate: $405,320 ($202,655 from Stormwater Utility and $202,665 from VA DEQ Stormwater Local Assistance Fund) 

Contractor: Wetland Studies and Solutions and Shenandoah Stream works

Project Description:

The goal of the Lick Run stream restoration at Highland Farm, is to reduce sediment loading from in-stream erosion mainly caused by high volumes and velocity of stormwater runoff, to improve in-stream habitat, improve and repair riparian buffers, as well as preserve the property’s ecological value. Engaging in stream bank restorations throughout the City’s tributary watersheds will help achieve the sediment waste load allocations under the TMDL requirements as required by the City's MS4 stormwater permit. Stabilization of the stream bank riparian buffers and the creation of a constructed wetland, will also aid in reducing bacteria levels in Lick Run. Lick Run's primary impairment, measured by the VA DEQ, is for exceeding safe bacteria levels.


"Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. is the leading natural and cultural resources consultant in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our engineers, scientists, regulatory specialists, permit compliance specialists, arborists, archeologists, architectural historians, ecosystem & restoration specialists, surveyors, and geographic information specialists assist both the public and private sectors with the permitting process and create innovative solutions to water quality issues."