Lick Run Washington Park Restoration


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Project Construction Start: Fall 2019                                Target Completion Date: Spring 2020

Project Estimate: $300,000 ($150,000 Stormwater Utility and $150,000 VA DEQ Stormwater Assistance Fund)

Contractor: Ecosystem Services and Ecotone Inc

Project Description:

The goal of the Washington Park stream restoration is to reduce sediment loading from instream erosion mainly caused by high volumes and velocity of stormwater runoff, to improve instream habitat, improve and repair riparian buffers, as well as increasing park aesthetics. Engaging in stream bank restorations throughout the City’s tributary watersheds will help the City achieve its sediment waste load allocation under the TMDL requirements. Stabilization of the stream bank riparian buffers will also aid in reducing bacteria levels in Lick Run. Lick Run's primary impairment, measured by the VA DEQ, is for exceeding safe bacteria levels. 

Check out the live stream of Lick Run stream at Washington Park here.

Lick Run Stream Restoration Stakeholder Meeting

3D Renderings (Ecosystem Services)

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"At Ecosystem Services we believe that the environment and human well-being are inextricably connected. The term “ecosystem services” emerged in the early 1980s and came to represent the benefits that people attain from ecosystems. When we started our business we wanted to forward this idea:  that proper natural resource management and intervention can strengthen or restore the benefits that communities enjoy from their ecosystems. And not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s also the most cost effective solution in the long term."

"From Ecotone's multi-disciplinary structure, a unique "design-build" environment has emerged where applied knowledge, real-world experience, and adaptive management strategies are incorporated at the earliest stages ensuring a better understanding of the goals and objectives of each project. As a result, we have created a team with exceptional experience capable of streamlining project delivery and effectively reducing costs while providing a restoration project with lasting ecological benefits."