Neighborhood Traffic Circles

Temporary Traffic Circle Pilot: Persinger Rd and Bluefield Blvd

  1. Overview
  2. Design
  3. Outreach


The City of Roanoke Transportation Division installed a three-month pilot traffic circle at the intersection of Persinger Road and Bluefield Boulevard. Persinger Road is a neighborhood collector road that connects two major roads in the City of Roanoke: Colonial Avenue and Brambleton Avenue. Persinger Road is also the backbone for the Bluefield Boulevard community where many residents enjoy walking.

Map of the neighborhood area

Project Outcomes:

The traffic circle was effective in slowing down traffic along Persinger Road. Two traffic studies conducted during the course of the pilot project showed that average speeds and 85th percentile speed dropped by 10 MPH along Persinger Road in the vicinity of the traffic circle. 

Graphic shows an average of 10 MPH reduction on travel speeds along Persinger RoadThe consensus from residents throughout the pilot project was that, despite being an effective traffic calming measure, the temporary traffic circle’s configuration did not make travel in this neighborhood more comfortable. The Transportation Division, in conjunction with the Citizen Engagement Office, will continue to look for other opportunities to use this tactical urbanism design approach as a way to help neighbors who raise concerns about traffic conditions. 

The Transportation Division recommends taking the following actions in moving forward with traffic calming along Persinger Road:

  • Remove the traffic circle (effective November 19, 2018)
  • The curb extensions will remain in place.
  • Continue to monitor this intersection, and determine a more permanent curb extension solution if possible.
  • Reach out to the residents in the spring of 2019, and determine if there is interest in pursuing a community project at this intersection.