Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon

Here is how to use them:

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Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacons RRFB's 

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons are solar-powered safety devices emit rapid flashing LED lights when activated by a pushbutton. The LED lights are set to allow time for vehicles to safely yield to pedestrians at a crosswalk. Studies by the Federal Highway Administration have shown these mechanisms to help increase driver yielding behavior at crosswalks.

This device is intended to enhance the ability of pedestrians to cross unsignalized intersections. Two devices are currently in operation in the City:

  • Dale Avenue near Fallon Park Elementary School and Fallon Park.
  • Orange Avenue at 11th Street NW

The City’s Transportation Division will monitor this new device to (measure its effectiveness in increasing the number of drivers that yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.)  If successful, the City hopes to install several more throughout the City within the next year.

To learn more about Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons, check the following links or contact the City of Roanoke Transportation Division:, 540-853-2676


St Petersburg Florida Case Study:

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