Main Street Striping Project

Main St. is being repaved in 2019

Main Street between the Main St. Bridge and Brandon Ave. intersection will be paved in 2019 as part of the City’s annual paving program. When the pavement markings are reapplied, we have the option to install striped bicycle lanes along this popular corridor in Southwest Roanoke. The bike lanes would just be implemented between Howbert Ave. and Sherwood Ave. and would not impact store-front parking along Main St. This effort is consistent with the City of Roanoke’s Complete Streets Policy, which encourages lower vehicle speeds, enhances pedestrian crossings, and provides accommodations for community members who travel by bicycle.

Greenway Access

Main St. crosses over Wasena Park and the Roanoke River Greenway, serving as an important access corridor for runners, walkers, and bicyclists who use the Greenways. By re-striping the streets in a configuration that creates dedicated bike lanes, we would complement the City’s Complete Streets Policy and potentially improve bike and pedestrian accessibility to a popular community asset.

Please note: No final decisions have been made at this stage – this is just a proposal that the City of Roanoke is considering. We’re looking for public feedback before committing to adding bike lanes on Main Street.

The public survey to provide comments for this project has been closed.  The City of Roanoke, Transportation Division Staff will continue to investigate and discuss this project with the local community. Please contact the Transportation Division for any questions.

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