People & Human Development Actions

People Actions

Implementation activities

PE A1. Develop and expand strategies that encourage parents and children to make the commitment for children to attend and participate in school every day.

P&R Youth Services Division has a Youth Academy that fosters training skills in reading, writing and mathematics during the summer, and the after-school programs help young children with their studies.

PE A2. Create programs that provide opportunities for education and coaching in local institutions such as churches, neighborhood groups, and businesses to increase awareness and value of education.

Tutoring provided at Melrose/Rugby Neighborhood Forum center.

The Mayor’s Committee for Multicultural Affairs formed to assist with disseminating information to new arrivals in the community, those from different backgrounds and to also develop partnerships to provide opportunities for language and cultural enrichment.

PE A3. Develop plans for constructive alternatives for students in in-school suspension.

No activity noted.

PE A4. Create ways to encourage churches and civic groups to adopt a school and provide programs/ activities to build youth interest and provide role models for success.

School system is partnering with 2 churches in a 21st Century grant application for After School activities.

The Library is a co-partner with the City Schools on 4 21st Century grants to provide Literacy teachers and training for teachers to increase SOL scores.

Libraries PE A5. Improve the downtown main library to provide greater accessibility, better service delivery, and access to technology. Consider building improvements, a new building, or relocation of the library.

Master plan adopted as component of the City’s Comprehensive Plan (2005).

Downtown library was fully renovated

PE A6. Continue to support the Virginia Room as the premier resource center for genealogy and history.

An Archivist and part time assistant (to concentrate on digital projects) hired for the Virginia Room (2006) allowing the Virginia Room to be open during the same hours as the Main Library. Virginia Room will expand into the current reference area in 2009/10 with programs now being extended to Branch locations. 

A major oral history project initiative was begun (2006) with the library as a partner with the Library of Congress and the Veterans Oral History Project (2007).   The Library has collected oral histories from all neighborhoods in partnership with the Raleigh Court Civic League and has focused an effort in the Hurt Park neighborhood.  Archival work has also begun on the Davis photograph collection.

Through a significant donation through the Library Foundation, the Virginia Room was expanded in 2010. The Virginia Room has doubled in size, with new furniture, carpet, paint, computers, a glass wall classroom, a tutor room and an archival workroom. In 2011 through a gift from the Library Foundation of $25,000, 3 computer microfilm readers will be added for researchers.

PE A7. Explore inclusion of business development services at the main library.

Additional funds have been added to the operational budget for publications over the last two years almost doubling the amount of funds available. In partnership with 15 financial institutions, the library sponsored a Money Smart month long series of workshops at all library locations (2007).  Classes on small business, finance, and credit issues will be offered. Three major business databases will be added this fiscal year because of this increase in revenue. Computer and specialized classes are offered for the first time. Plans are to expand outreach to the business community downtown and to seek new partnerships.

Computer classes have increased with the addition of a federal grant.

One-on-one consultations offered.

PE A8. Develop a plan that identifies branch library facilities that have become outdated or cannot be expanded; consider relocation to sites that have facilities to provide access to bus service and provide adequate and safe parking.

Master plan adopted (2005). Renovation complete or in progress for all branches.  Small branch planned for Countryside area.

Gainsboro addition/renovation

Jackson Park addition/renovation).

2 Ebranch sites at Valley View & Garden City

Williamson Road addition/renovation

Raleigh Court addition/renovation

Melrose relocation to new facility

Health and Human Services PE A9. Promote programs that educate citizens regarding public and private programs to make health care more accessible.

Public libraries received grant from National Network of Libraries of Medicine to provide consumer health information to citizens (2003-2005).  Certified medical librarian on staff in Main Library Reference Department.

PE A10. Develop a strategy that addresses duplication of inter-related services in health and human service programs.

Duplication of services is a major concern of the Human Services Advisory Board which solicits and reviews grant proposals for funding with City resources.  Collaborative proposals are given special attention.  For the coming funding cycle collaborative proposals will be actively sought.

PE A11. Promote health care programs related to pre-natal care, immunization, dental and vision care, and health screening by using the Internet, television, and other forms of media.

The Belmont-Fallon neighborhood was identified as an underserved area.  Planning is underway to establish a health care clinic in the Belmont neighborhood.

The library continues to provide consumer classes and health information to customers and participated in the Jefferson College of Health Sciences orientation this year.  Looking for ways to partner on resources to provide better, more cost-effective service. 

The Prevention Council through Missions of Mercy provides an annual two-day dental clinic for those without insurance.

CDBG funds have been used for various healthcare related programs (e.g., Child Health Investment Partnership through 2005, Belmont Healthcare services)

Pilot program implemented by Health Department in Hurt Park parallel to the City’s CDBG efforts (completed 2008).

Carilion identifies Southeast Roanoke for focus on improving health outcomes.

PE A12. Inventory existing day care facilities; develop a plan aimed at increasing the availability of affordable day and evening care for children, elderly, and the handicapped.

Planning staff created a GIS layer of day care centers and Social services has access to database of day care providers.

City provides funding to regional adult day care facility at the Salem Veteran’s Administration facility.  Evening and weekend childcare remains an issue to be addressed.

Day care homes permitted in residential districts.

PE A13. Develop special needs programs that are accessible and connected to housing and support networks.

A neighborhood based services pilot has been established in the Hurt Park community.  The planning for the redevelopment of Hurt Park includes increased social services activities in the neighborhood.

The library and Jefferson College of Health Science staff explore ways to serve the community.

PE A14. Provide accessible information in satellite service facilities.

Consumer health information program provided by Public Library System (see PE A9 and PE A13).

The Library provides access to information and computers databases to support citizens in research.

e-book program rollout in 2011.

PE A15. Promote development of a regional cost-sharing program for health and human services.

The taskforce on homelessness has been reorganized as the Roanoke Valley Alleghany Regional Advisory Council on Homelessness and is now under the administration of the Regional Council.  The 10 year plan to end homelessness is inclusive of other localities.

The CSA Regional Steering Committee has embarked on a number of joint projects to increase the CSA service network.

Stimulus funds were used to create a Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Resource Center at the Civic Mall

The Blue Ridge Interagency Council on Homelessness (BRICH) facilitates and coordinates the region’s efforts to prevent, treat, and end homelessness and serves as the lead entity for the Blue Ridge Continuum of Care (CoC) planning process. The BRICH includes the counties of Alleghany, Botetourt, Craig, and Roanoke; the cities of Covington, Roanoke, and Salem, and the towns of Clifton Forge and Vinton. The BRICH is composed of members from the general public, local governments, mental health programs, state and federal programs, non-profit organizations, businesses, and colleges and universities throughout the Roanoke region. Note: Within the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) the Blue Ridge CoC is officially recognized as the Roanoke City and County, Salem Continuum of Care. 

Overall homelessness in the region has been reduced by more than 52% between 2012 and 2017.

PE A16. Establish new regional public transportation routes in the Valley to provide better access to health care and support services.

In summer 2004, Smart Way bus service began as a public transportation option between the New River Valley and the Roanoke Valley.

Transit Vision Plan.  Expansions into Salem and Roanoke County.

PE A17. Develop strategies that support greater use of recreational and exercise programs in schools, parks, and greenways.

Enhanced P&R/School Partnership agreement.  Developing pricing and marketing strategy to promote awareness and ownership of parks and new programs.

Outreach nature programs (Mobile Mountain) provided in schools ‘05-06’ which reached 408 students.  Working to develop collaborative programs in recreation centers, schools and churches.

Joint partnership with Addison Middle School 21st Century grant after school application.

P&R Youth Services Division's Summer Enrichment program encourages fitness and nutrition through exercise, hiking, swimming, tennis, and 2 nutritional meals per day.

The VDOT Safe Routes to School program encourages children to walk and bicycle to school while creating links with the regional greenway system and parks where possible. Projects completed at Addison, Garden City, and Preston Park.