Zoning Amendments

Planning staff identifies potential improvements to the zoning ordinance throughout the year and assembles a package of amendments.  The latest package is targeted for adoption in January 2019 on the following schedule:

  • Planning Commission public hearing and recommendation January 14 at 1:30pm
  • City Council public hearing and adoption January 22, 2019 at 7pm

Below is a summary table. You can see the full version of the amendments here:  Full text zoning amendments

Questions or comments?  Contact Chris Chittum, Director.

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Table 205-1. Permitted Yard Encroachments.


Remove "7 feet, as measured from the front of the building or the front line of an existing porch, if one is present." from "Handicap ramps associated with a residential use" to allow handicap ramps associated with a residential use to encroach in the front yard to the extent that they need to

Table 205-2 Application of Maximum Front Yard Requirements

Update the contents of Table 205-2 for 50% percent of the facade to be within the max. front yard.  2018 changes to the introductory paragraph were not carried into the table.

312 Dimensional regulations for residential districts

Cap the number of multifamily units on a single lot at 10 in RM-1 and RM-2 district.

Sec. 36.2-312. - Dimensional regulations for residential districts.

Reduce rear yard minimum depth from 30 to 15 feet.

315 use table for multiple purpose districts, to



(1) Add multifamily dwellings and townhouses as permitted uses in the CG and CLS districts.

(2) Add Kennels with no outside runs as a permitted use in Downtown district and Kennels with outside runs as a special exception use in Downtown district.

(3)  Add Animal shelter as a special exception use in CG, CLS, D, and UF

316 Dimensional regulations for multiple purpose districts, to

Cap the number of multifamily units on a single lot at 10 in the MX and CN districts.

Sec. 36.2-322. - Use table for industrial districts.

Add uses by special exception:

Single family dwelling

Two-family dwelling

Townhouse or rowhouse

Multifamily dwelling

Live-work unit

Mixed-use building

Add Pet grooming as a permitted use in I-1 district.

Sec. 36.2-328. - Dimensional regulations for planned unit development districts.

Remove density minimum from PUD districts

Remove 530 (c)(4)  Related to allowing an amended application within one year. 

If an application is amended, then it is no longer substantially the same application.

642  General landscaping and screening standards to

(1) The City’s Urban Forester has recommended changes to the list.

(2) Create a reference to a tree list and specs approved and published by the zoning administrator rather than include the list in the code.


Remove “nonresidential” from parking reduction so section applies to all uses, including residential.

Table 652-2. Required Parking Spaces

Correct figures for various residential types

Table 654-1. Parking and Loading Area Standards.  Location Standards. Driveway/parking area location relative to principal structures.

Change "Parking area prohibited between right-of-way and principal buildings" to  "Parking area prohibited between right-of-way and principal building line"

816 and 826 Reports to City Council 

826  Reports to City Council

Make the report based on the fiscal year rather than the calendar year.

Sec. 36.2-841. - Generally; establishment.

Add language to authorize appointment of a deputy zoning administrator.