Youth Services Citizen Board

Type: Board

Meeting Frequency: Fourth Monday, 5:00 p.m., Gainsboro Library, 15 Patton Avenue, N. W.

Contact: Angela O'Brien, (540) 853-5309; [email protected]

Members: Fifteen (15); Two (2) Student Alternates

MembersTerm of OfficeEligible for Reappointment
Benjamin F. Bazak06/30/23No
Jayveon Tucker (Student) 06/30/22Yes
Pamela Smith06/30/23Yes
Douglas Pitzer06/30/24Yes
Kennady Wade (Student)06/30/22Yes
Dina Hackley-Hunt06/30/24Yes
Anita J. Price06/30/24Yes
Melanie Morris06/30/22Yes
Angela Wimberly 06/30/23Yes
James M. O'Hare06/30/24Yes
Charlsie E. Parker06/30/24No
Karen H. Pillis06/30/23No
Vivian Sanchez-Jones06/30/22Yes
Christion Bryant (Student)06/30/22Yes
Joyce W. Watkins06/30/22Yes
Remi Davies (Student) 06/30/22Yes
Lorena Wilson06/30/22Yes

Purpose: See Chapter 17, Human Resources, Article III, Youth Services Citizen Board, of the Code of the City of Roanoke (1979), as amended.

Sec. 17-31. - Created; composition; appointment, terms of members; restriction on membership; filling of vacancies.

There is hereby created a city of Roanoke youth services citizen board. The board shall consist of fifteen (15) members appointed by the city council for terms of up to of three (3) years for each member of the board, other than the two (2) student members. The terms of each student member shall expire at the earlier of (a) three (3) years, or (b) the date on which the student reaches the age of eighteen. Council shall also appoint two (2) alternate student members who will serve in the absence of the student member, the initial term for each member shall commence July 1, 2015. The initial terms of the members of the board, other than the student members, shall be staggered and city council shall appoint four (4) members who shall each have initial terms of one (1) year; four (4) members who shall each have initial terms of two (2) years; and five (5) members who shall each have terms of three (3) years. The city clerk shall notify council promptly if any vacancy occurs. Appointments to fill vacancies shall be for the unexpired term of the member whose term becomes vacant.

A majority of the board shall be citizens who are not employed by government or service agencies and are not elected governmental officials. Council shall designate alternatives for each of the student member to ensure participation by members under the age of eighteen (18).

Sec. 17-33. - Responsibilities.

a.It shall be the responsibility of the board to:

1.Assist community agencies and organizations in establishing and modifying programs and services to youth on the basis of an objective assessment of the community's needs and resources.
2.Evaluate and monitor community programs and services to determine their impact on youth.
3.Provide a mechanism whereby all youths and their families with needs for services will be linked to appropriate services.
4.Attempt to resolve agency policies and procedures that make it difficult for youths and their families to receive services.

b.The board shall actively participate with community representatives in the formulation of a comprehensive plan for the development, coordination and evaluation of the youth services program and shall make formal recommendations to the city council at least annually concerning the comprehensive plan and its implementation during the ensuing year.

Sec. 17-35. - Staff.

The board shall be provided such staff support from the city as may be provided for by the city manager. The board shall be provided legal advice from the city attorney.