Roanoke Neighborhood Advocates

Type: Committee

Meeting Frequency: Second Wednesday, at 5:30 p.m., Room 159, 215 Church Avenue, S. W.

Contact: Molly Hunter (540) 853-6006,  [email protected]

Members: Nine (9); (*) Denotes City Representatives; Four (4) members chosen by RNA

Stephen Niamke*09/30/25Yes
Rachel Hale *09/30/25Yes
Betty Whittaker*09/30/25Yes
Tony Williams*09/30/25Yes
Cameron Chase*09/30/25Yes
Alicha Grubb - Chair10/12/25
Amazetta Anderson10/13/24
Cheryl Hilton02/09/25
Mark Kary 02/09/24

Purpose: The RNA shall assume and perform the following duties and responsibilities:

A. Create, develop, implement, and maintain a strategic business plan that directs the activities of the RNA to develop grow, and promote the neighborhoods of Roanoke, and review, amend, modify, or adjust such business plan on an annual basis. Review of the strategic business plan shall be conducted during the fourth (4th) quarter of each calendar year and all recommendations for amendments and modifications shall be considered by the Board at its meeting in December of each year.

B. Advise City Council and City administration annually concerning existing and proposed public policies affecting the vitality of neighborhoods and neighborhood -based organizations. The Board shall provide such advice to City Council by the second session of Council in each December.

C. Inform neighborhood-based organizations and the public of existing and proposed public policies and activities that support neighborhoods and neighborhood-based organizations 

D. Advise and counsel neighborhood-based organizations in establishing, developing, and expanding their organization, administrative, and advocacy capacities in the promotion of their neighborhoods.

E Oversee the administration of the Neighborhood Grant Program, including the creation, establishment, and implementation of criteria and qualifications for the award of funds under the Neighborhood Grant Program.

F. Assist and collaborate with the Neighborhood Services Coordinator for the City in the outreach and support to neighborhoods and neighborhood-based organizations by serving as a liaison to neighborhood groups and providing comments and recommendations regarding needs, events, and activities in neighborhoods.

G. Collaborate with the Neighborhood Services Coordinator and City Council to facilitate the Neighborhood Partnership Awards Program to recognize and honor the outstanding contributions and accomplishments achieved by neighborhood organizations and civic individuals for their commitment to improve their neighborhood and community.

Resolution No. 41674-021820 adopted by City Council amended and restated the bylaws and rules of procedure of the Roanoke Neighborhood Advocates.

Copy of Bylaws, as amended, on file in the City Clerk’s Office.

For more information, contact the Secretary of the Committee or click here