Roanoke Arts Commission

Type: Commission

Meeting Frequency: Third Tuesday, at 3:30 p.m., 117 Church Avenue, S. W.

Contact: Susan Jennings, Arts and Cultural Coordinator (540) 853-5652;

Members: Fifteen (15); (*) Denotes non-City resident

MemberTerm of OfficeEligible for Reappointment
Jeremy W. Butterfield06/30/22Yes
Janet Carty06/30/21Yes
John Hitchins, Jr.06/30/23Yes
Valerie Brown06/30/23Yes
Timothy Martin06/30/21Yes
Jeanne Fishwick06/30/21No
Cari C. Gates06/30/22No
Betsy Whitney06/30/22Yes
Lora Katz06/30/22Yes
Macklyn Mosley06/30/21Yes
Tranay Wilson06/30/22Yes
William Penn06/30/23Yes
Patricia Wilhelms06/30/23Yes
Meighan Sharp06/30/23Yes
Greg Webster06/30/21No

Purpose: To advise and assist City Council on matters relating to the advancement of the arts and humanities within the city. (See Ordinance No. 26537 adopted 6/27/83, for specific powers and duties.)

To consist of 15 members, initially five for 3-year terms, five for two-year terms, and five for one-year terms; thereafter, reappointment to be for three-year terms.

During July each year, Commission shall choose from membership a Chairman to serve for a one-year term.

NOTE:See Ordinance No. 26537; also Sections 2.270-2.272, Code of the City of Roanoke (1979), as amended and Section 15.2-945 Code of Virginia, (1950), as amended.