Personnel and Employment Practices Commission

Type: Commission

Meeting Frequency: As may be deemed necessary by the Commission

Contact: Human Resources Representative (540) 853-2231; [email protected]

Members: Nine (9); (*) Denotes non-City resident

MemberTerm of Office Eligible for Reappointment
Julie Wagner06/30/24Yes
Yen Ha06/30/26Yes
Brian Haynesworth06/30/25Yes
Stuart Trinkle06/30/24Yes
Marcheta Turner06/30/24Yes
Gloria P. Manns06/30/25Yes
Milton Hardy, Sr.06/30/25Yes
Frank Rogan06/30/26Yes
Chrystal Smith06/30/26Yes

Purpose: Sec. 2-85.1.Grievance hearing panels.

(a) The commission shall annually organize and divide itself into three (3) hearing panels for the purpose of hearing employee grievances. Each panel shall consist, to the extent possible, of members with one (1), two (2) and three (3) years remaining on their terms of appointment, and minority and employee members shall be distributed as evenly as possible among the panels.

(b) Upon the division of the commission into panels as provided in this section, each panel shall have the responsibility and duty to hear and render final decisions on grievances referred to such panel upon the evidence presented and developed at the hearing and upon the city’s applicable personnel policy, rules and regulations in effect at the date of the grievance. A hearing panel shall have no authority to add to, subtract from or amend existing policy, rules and regulations.

(c) Each panel provided for in this section shall designate one (1) of its members as panel chairman for such period of time and for such grievance hearings as such panel may determine. In the event the three (3) original members of any hearing panel are not available for a hearing, the commission chairman, or vice-chairman in his absence, shall designate a member of one (1) of the other hearing panels to fill such vacancy.

(d) No member of the commission who is an employee of the city shall participate in any grievance hearing where the grievant is from the same department, office or agency of city government as the employee member of the commission. When any member of the commission is disqualified by virtue of this subsection, such commission member’s replacement shall be selected pursuant to subsection (c) of this section.