Human Services Advisory Board

Type: Board

Meeting Frequency: As determined by the Board

Contact: Secretary, Jennifer Sorrels;

Members: Nine (9); (*) Denotes non-City resident

MemberTerm of OfficeEligible for Reappointment
William Bestpitch11/30/25Yes
Ahondryea Brooks11/30/26Yes
Siclinda Canty-Elliott11/30/26Yes
James Foutz-Vega11/30/23Yes
Sharon Toliver-Hardy11/30/26No
Paula Prince11/30/24No
Bethany Lackey11/30/24Yes
Bradley Stephens11/30/24No
Aaron Washington11/30/24Yes

Purpose: The Board shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Director of Human Services with respect to the duties and functions imposed upon the Director as the local board of social services.

The powers and duties of the board shall be as follows:

(1)  To interest itself in all matters pertaining to the social welfare of the people of the city.

(2)  To monitor the formulation and implementation of social welfare programs in the city.

(3)  To meet with the Director of Human Services at least four (4) times a year for the purpose of making recommendations on policy matters concerning the department of human services.

(4)  To review applications or requests for funding made to the city by private social services agencies; to advise the council as to the merits of funding the programs of such agencies; to recommend an allocation of funding to such agencies; and to monitor and evaluate the programs of such agencies.

(5)  To make an annual report to the city council, concurrent with the budget presentation of the department of human services, concerning the administration of the public welfare program.(6)To submit to the city council, from time to time, other reports that the board deems appropriate.

NOTE:  See Chapter 17, Human Resources, Article II, Advisory Board of Human Resources, Sections 17-14 - 17-20, of the Code of the City of Roanoke (1979), as amended. Ordinance No. 23920 adopted 11/28/77, reconstituted Board to consist of nine members -- after initial appointment in November, 1977, Terms are limited to two consecutive four-year terms. Advisory Board of Human Services and Human Services Committee were consolidated pursuant to Ordinance No. 36840-090704 on September 7, 2004, to form the Human Services Advisory Board.