Greater Roanoke Transit Company Board of Directors

Type: Board

Meeting Frequency: January, March, May, June (Meeting held in City Council’s Conference Room), July, September and November, Third Monday, at 1:00 p.m., Room 159, 215 Church Avenue, S. W.

Contact: City Clerk (540) 853-2541; [email protected]

Members: Seven (7)

MemberTerm of OfficeEligible for Reappointment
Joseph L. Cobb06/30/24Yes
Dwayne D'Ardenne06/30/24Yes
Karen Michalski-Karney 06/30/24Yes
H. Robert Light06/30/24Yes
Vivian Sanchez-Jones 06/30/24Yes
Andrew Keen06/30/24Yes

Purpose: The affairs of the Greater Roanoke Transit Company shall be managed by a Board of Directors which shall consist of not less than seven members; two members of Council, two staff members, one physically-challenged representative; one Citizen at Large, and one regional representative to be rotated between Town of Vinton and City of Salem for a two-year period.

The Municipal Auditor of the City of Roanoke serves as internal auditor for GRTC. (Resolution No. 23265)